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Prorack Roof Rack Through Bar Includes 2x1350mm Crossbars - S17




Part Number: S17

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# Prorack Aero Bars - Aerodynamically designed low fuel consumption, minimal noise and superior aesthetics
Not only are they a sleek, good looking accessory for your car, Prorack Aero Bars are aerodynamically designed to have the least amount of drag possible. With Prorack's roots being in aerospace engineering, they have utilised their extensive knowledge to create a **roof bar** range which is aerodynamically slick for maximum fuel efficiency, extremely low wind noise and the best aesthetics. **Aero Roof Bars** feature Prorack's t-slot system for mounting all your favourite accessories with ease and superior holding strength when compared to other tie-down methods or fasteners. Prorack Aero Bars also come with locks as standard to prevent pesky thieves from getting their hands on your roof bars. With the correct fitting kit to suit your vehicle, Prorack Aero roof bars are simple to install.
Prorack Aero Bars are available in a few sizes to suit most vehicles. They are also offered in a few different mounting styles too such as:

Aero Through Bars - Extra carrying width
Aero Flush Bars - Superior aesthetics with flush-mount styling
Aero Rail Bars - The perfect style for cars with existing roof rails

Whether you're heading away camping for the weekend and need somewhere to store the swags, heading to the snow for a weekend of skiing and need to put some gear up on the roof or just need to throw some extra storage space for your library of tools, Prorack **Roof Bars** are a great accessory for your vehicle.
With over 40 years in the roof storage industry, Prorack has grown from a small humble business based in New Zealand to a state-of-the-art, international automotive accessory designer. Now based in Brisbane, Australia with a 50-strong international team, Prorack supply OE manufacturers and retail markets across the globe. We think if their gear is good enough for many of the popular vehicle manufacturers you see on the road, they will probably have something to suit your application too. With constant design work and thousands of hours of innovation and investigation under their belt, Prorack repeatedly set the standard for automotive carrying systems with high-quality, cost effective solutions that get the job done.
To free up storage space in your car and throw some gear on the roof, shop our whole load carrying range today by browsing the website or heading into your local Repco store to speak with one of our friendly staff today.

Part Specifics

Fitment notes ROOF RACK - Requires Fitting Kit K323

Part Number
178 x 1859 x 402 mm (HxLxW)
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    Package 18 x 186 x 40 cm (HxLxW), 46.2 KG

Fitment Info

  • 5.4L V12 (M73 B54) 24v DOHC
  • 2.0L L4 (FE) 8v SOHC
  • 1.4L L4 (UC) 8v SOHC
  • 1.8L L4 (F8) 12v SOHC
  • 1.6L L4 (NA) 8v SOHC
  • 2.2L L4 (R2) 8v SOHC
  • 3.0L V8 (M60 B30) 32v DOHC
  • 4.8L V8 (N62 B48 A) 32v DOHC
  • 3.0L L6 (N52 B30 A) 24v DOHC
  • 4.8L V8 (N62 B48 B) 32v DOHC
  • 4.4L V8 (N62 B44 A) 32v DOHC
  • 3.5L V8 (M62 B35 TU) 32v DOHC
  • 2.9L L6 (M 57 D 30) 12v SOHC Turbo/Intercooled
  • 4.4L V8 (N63 B44 A) 32v DOHC Turbo/Intercooled
  • 3.0L L6 (N57 D30 A) 24v DOHC Turbo/Intercooled
  • 3.0L L6 (N55 B30 A) 24v DOHC Turbo/Intercooled
  • 4.0L L6 (BARRA 195) 24v DOHC
  • 4.0L L6 (BARRA 270T) 24v DOHC Exhaust Turbocharger
  • 4.0L L6 (BARRA EGAS) 24v DOHC Exhaust Turbocharger
  • 5.4L V8 (Boss 290) 32v SOHC
  • 3.0L L6 (N57 D30 C) 24v DOHC Turbo/Intercooled
  • 2.5L L6 (M54 B25 (256S3)) 24v DOHC
  • 3.0L L6 (M54 B30 (306S3)) 24v DOHC
  • 4.0L V8 (M60 B40 (408S1)) 32v DOHC
  • 4.4L V8 (M62 B44 (448S1)) 32v DOHC
  • 4.6L V8 (M62 B46 (468S1)) 32v DOHC
  • 2.5L L6 (N52 B25 AF) 24v
  • 5.0L V8 (Boss 335) 32v DOHC
  • 3.3L L6 (200ci) 12v OHV
  • 5.0L V8 (Coyote 345) 32v DOHC
  • 4.0L L6 (Barra 325T) 24v DOHC Turbocharged
  • 4.0L L6 (Barra ecoLPI) 24v DOHC N/A
  • 2.0L L4 (EcoBoost 2.0) 16v DOHC Turbocharged
  • 4.9LL V8 (Windsor 4.9) 16v OHV
  • 4.9L V8 (302 Cleveland) 32v OHV
  • 4.1L L6 (250 12v OHV
  • 4.0L L6 (Intech) 12v SOHC