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# Decades of OEM experience - GMB Water PumpsWhen it comes time to replace your water pump, you really don't want to cheap out. An integral part of your cooling system, water pumps are a tricky part to replace even for the most experienced of home mechanics and DIY gurus. The GMB **water-pump** range is manufactured on the back of decades of OEM quality production and are always produced to strict OEM specifications and guidelines, making the job as easy as possible for you by guaranteeing the correct fit and function which won't let you down like other market competitors.
GMB test their water pumps in-house for leakage and strict dimensional precision to ensure their high-quality castings fits within their tight tolerance range and most importantly bolt straight up to your vehicle with no adjustments necessary. Using genuine GMB bearings, quality and safety is guaranteed. GMB test their bearings for noise and durability during the manufacturing process to ensure your **replacement water pump** can stand the test of time and keep pumping fresh, cold water to your engine even on the hottest of long summer drives. GMB have designed their **water pump** range to match or exceed OE specified coolant flow rate and pressure, so not only do these quality water pumps bolt straight up to your car with no fusses, they also function just as great as the water pump fitted to you engine when it rolled off the factory floor. All GMB water pumps come boxed with the necessary replacement hardware to help you complete the task to the highest possible standard without having to buy hardware separately.

Replacing your water pump should always be done at the manufacturer specified interval, however we also recommend **changing your water pump** whenever you change your engine's timing belt kit since these are both components buried together deep in the engine bay. This will save you the painstaking task of dismantling the timing cover area more than you need to, don't forget to grab some fresh coolant too since you'll have to drain it to **fit a replacement water-pump**. When changing the water pump, we also recommend swapping out your coolant hoses, hose clamps and any other cooling related service parts. To maximise the longevity of your cooling system, its a good idea to run a coolant flush through the system too. Use the rego search function on the Repco website, or head into your local Repco store to view our range of water pumps to suit your vehicle.

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Main Engine Water Pump

Fitment notes WATER PUMP - With Round Pulley Hub

80 x 70 x 25 mm (HxLxW)
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    Package 8 x 7 x 3 cm (HxLxW), 3 KG

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  • 0.66L L3 (KF) 12v DOHC